My name is Virgil Bijnaar, born in the Netherlands.

My passion for my work grew in 1996 where I first started to grow within the music industry as a producer and artist, working with my brother who inspired me to get in tune with these challenges.

After the challenges that took place around the year 2001 I brought my creative talents to another level. I started my study as audio engineer in 2007 (including masterclass modules) from where I graduated in the year 2008. Afterwards I continued expanding my creativity by applying for a study in a different direction, just to become the total package I became on this very day. My study to become a camera man to be able to do some film fork next to my musical experiences made my more complete regarding the essence I was willing to become.

I could not yet say its enough so I stepped into the movie editing scene regarding my filmography interests, so I continued my study journey as movie director and camera operator. I graduated 2 different studio regarding this. One had a basic editing focus which I finished in 2011. And the second study had a more deeper focus where I learned all about music videos, lightning and DSLR cameras which I finish at the end of 2013.

From that point I started working on my own business which I registered as my own name “Virgill Bijnaar”.
More information about my work and services can be found on this website.