Main services

+Video editor
A total picture will be created out of all shots made by all camera men. This could be created together with the client or this can be communicated online. By working with “final cut” for many years, the work can be completed within too much of waiting time.
+Boom operator
Boom operator is the sound man who manages the mic-hook on a film set. I make sure to record everything, from voice to foot steps and other noises that matter for the scene. This is a very important aspect so the sound editor will be having great sounds to work with.
+Audio engineer
Engineering audio in the form of music, radio jingles and movies in the way of mixig it to perfection to form a harmonized unity. I can assure to create a proper mix which will definitely satisfy my clients. From voice-over to music will be perfectly mixed in a short notice.
+Sound designer
The sound designer is all about sound effects. I will make sure to create the most beautiful and harmonized sound effects which can for instance be used within a movie.
This service will be defined as a mix of sound engineer and sound designer where I will also work on the sound effects which can be implemented within movies etc.
+Music supervisor
The music supervisor determains what kind of music will be used for the visual motions and environments.

The movie scenes will be analyzed intensively, and as a solo or teamed up, the supervisor will also supervise the kind of music which will be used for the movie scenes for making it a real life story telling atmosphere that will stick in the brain of the viewers.

As a photographer I will make sure to capture the most perfect shots regarding the wishes of the clients. From fashion to company events, everything is possible.

A few of my clients